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Join Flempton

Flempton Golf Club, a course regarded as Suffolks Hidden Gem and one of the best nine-
hole golf courses in England with our heritage and tradition dating back to 1895, we as
members are part of a truly exceptional golfing heritage.

The Club prides itself on a warm and friendly atmosphere and members are able to enjoy
the benefits of playing our truly special 9-hole course designed by J H Taylor, laid out in
three fantastic loops of 3 holes returning to the clubhouse. Flempton Golf Club is one of the
premier private members clubs in East Anglia.

Flempton Golf Club has traditionally limited the total number of playing members, this is
partly due to wishing the membership; enjoy the freedom of the course, indeed on
occasions it will feel like it’s your own private course.

We currently have limited availability for playing membership.

The process is relatively straight forward.

A potential member contacts the club manager in person, over the phone or via the club
website.The club manager issues the applicant the application form.

On receipt of the completed form from the applicant the club manager has two options
1. The applicant is proposed by two existing members (individuals who have been
members themselves for a duration of 12 months or longer)
The club manager takes reference from the two members and assuming the
application is supported confirms the application to the captains committee by email
with the form attached – if no good reason is received for the applicant not to be
allowed to join within 48 hours proceed to issue the invoice and set them up on the
club internal systems.

2. The applicant doesn’t have two members supporting the application then the club
manager arranges an introduction to the respective captain (men to Men’s Captain
ladies to Ladies Captain) for them to arrange a game with the applicant and 2 other
members. After the game the members may support the application…. Return to
option 1. and processes the application.

The procedure outlined relies on the availability of membership openings within the club.
Should the club reach full capacity, rendering it unable to accept new members, the
application form will be provided to inform the applicant of the current unavailability. Upon
receiving the completed application, the club manager will inform the relevant captain and
initiate a waiting list, following a first-come, first-served basis.

No application to become a social member of the club is considered other than from a
playing member stepping down as playing member or a spouse/partner of an existing
playing member.